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The following videos are hosted on YouTube.com but we have organized them here for your convenience. You can play these directly from this web page. Simply use the video controls at the bottom of each video start and stop the videos.

OR18 Snapper
Trolling with Tadpole from Off Shore Tackle at Mille Lacs
Mini Planer from Off Shore Tackle Trolling Walleye Salmon
Offshore Tackle Snap Weight Clip OR16 for Walleye Salmon
Ultimate Weight System
Mini Planer Boards - Off Shore Tackle - Instructional Video
Off Shore Tackle GUPPY! *NEW* - Professional Walleye Angler Jon Thelen
OffShore Tackle
Off Shore Tackle Tattle Flag - The Next Bite (low quality)
Off-Shore Tackle's Planer Boards
Jon Thelen Tip: Planer Boards
Planer Board Tips by Chris Pluntz
Offshore Tattle Flags with Shallow Water Trolling - The Next Bite - The Real Deal - Season 2
Clear Water Walleye Off Shore Tattle Flag Trolling - The Next Bite - The Real Deal - Season 3
Tattle Flag Trolling Board Modifications - The Next Bite - Season 2
Off Shore Tackle's Tadpole
Off Shore Tackle's Mini Board
OR34 Mini Planer Board and OR20 Series Guppy Weights
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