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Off Shore Tackle OR12TF Tattle Flag™ HD Upgrade Kit
(For use on OR12L, OR12R, OR31L, and OR31R)

Each kit includes red flag, two OR16 clips, HD wire, spring, washer, screw eye, split ring, 6/32 screw and instructions. One kit will upgrade one OR12 or OR31 Side Planer. This item is ideal for light biting fish. The flag will pull down when you have a fish on or if you are fouled in weeds.

OR12TF Tattle Flag Upgrade Kit

If you are purchasing this item to upgrade your OR12
boards, we would recommend that you also purchase the
TAB BE to have the latest version of that as well if the tab on
the back of the board does NOT have the extra hole on it as
indicated below.

If you are in need of purchasing the newest style TAB BE, click
the link here: TAB BE


  We offer 2 different Tattle Flag™ HD Upgrade
Kits as aftermarket accessories for your OR12. The
first is the Original OR12TF, which includes the HD
wire, spring, necessary hardware, flag and two red
OR16 Pro Clips to install on an OR12 Planer board.
The other is the Economy kit, or OR12TFEK. The
Economy kit has everything the Original has except
WITHOUT a Flag or OR16’s.
  When fishing with monofilament line, the factory
configuration of an orange OR19 on the bracket
and a red OR16 on the back of the board will work
great a majority of the time so you would just need
to purchase the OR12TFEK Tattle Flag™ HD
Economy kit. The Economy kit also works great for
anglers that use releases other than the OR16 on the
bracket, such as the OR18 Snapper or OR39 Sam’s
Pro Release.
  One might ask then, why would you want the full
OR12TF Tattle Flag™ HD Upgrade Kit with the extra
flag and the OR16’s? Some anglers choose to use
an OR16 on the bracket as well as off of the Tattle
Flag™ HD wire. This configuration is used when
you are using monofilament line and don’t want the
board to trip. When the rod line is placed behind the
pin in each of the OR16’s, that ensures that the board
won’t trip and/or come off of the line. The extra
parts and enhanced packaging are what makes the
OR12TF more money.
  In conclusion, for most anglers the OR12TFEK
Tattle Flag™ HD Economy Kit is all that is needed. If you decide that you want to replace your flag (available in red or green to customize your preference) or need the extra OR16 to keep the OR12 secured on the line, they are available to purchase as aftermarket items and all of these items come under the price of the OR12TF. Instruction sheets are
always available on our website if you need them.

Replacement Parts Also Available:

UPC # 0 23072 12298 2

OR12TF Tattle Flag™ Upgrade Kit
Pkg. of 1: $27.10 U. S. Funds

OR12TF Tattle Flag Upgrade Kit